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Coronavirus Rumours: Facts vs Fiction

As soon as any notable event occurs, rumourmongers start spreading out misinformation everywhere and it becomes difficult to separate fact from fiction. In this post we’ll try to debunk many of these ‘fake news’ factoids so that people are not misled by them and cause more harm to themselves.

Is it a Bioweapon?

All signs point to no. The virus has all the signatures of a animal-borne illness that jumped to humans. In this it is remarkably similar to SARS. In fact the other name this virus in known by is SARS-Cov-2, which indicates how closely related to SARS this virus is.

Does it Infect Pets?

No. It does not affect pets. Pets are completely unbothered by this disease. That does not mean you won’t catch COVID-19 if you are careless about handling someone else’s pet if they have coughed in their vicinity. Maintain safety procedures at all times.

Can I Catch The Disease From Meat?

The virus cannot handle direct heat from a stove. Properly cooked and handled food will not spread this disease. That means meat is completely okay if you have cooked it yourself. Restaurant made food is iffy, specially if proper handling procedures are not followed. So make sure that your cook, waiter or delivery people handle your order properly.


Can Chinese Food Spread COVID-19?

Not at all. Chinese food like any other food is made locally. Any deliveries from China itself are not infected anyway as the virus is specific to humans and does not live long outside the human body. Just make sure anyone making and packaging your food is following safety procedures.

Are Chinese People Spreading COVID-19?

No. Chinese people or those who look Chinese are in no way spreading this disease. Anyone who has lived here for 4 months or more had no contact with coronavirus and thus is uninfected. In fact, a month earlier only people coming back from China or Korea were considered suspect, be they Indians or not. Now, the disease vectors are everyone as we can no longer track who has had contact with infectious people.

The disease does not in any way affect Chinese people more. Everyone is equally susceptible to the virus.

As there is a quarantine in place in China, Korea, Japan, Hongkong, Singapore and Taiwan, the new vectors are Indonesia, Australia, Europe, Iran, Brazil and even the USA. So, don’t blame the Chinese people, as the disease has spread everywhere and many countries have been very lax in quarantine procedures.

Has Coronavirus Mutated to be More Dangerous?

Coronavirus has mutated, but it has become less dangerous rather than more. There are two strains of the virus: the more aggressive L strain was found earlier in the Wuhan infection but has been contained. The less aggressive S strain is the one doing the rounds around the globe. Overall there is still no evidence of a mutation to a more dangerous variant.

Are Older People More Susceptible?

Infection rates have been consistent across age ranges. However old people and those with underlying conditions like asthma, heart disease, diabetes are showing more severe symptoms. That said it is not a guarantee that you will be safe if you are young. As the disease does not show any symptoms for 14 days after infection it is still possible for you to infect your parents and grandparents if you are not careful enough.

Will Summer Kill Off Coronavirus?

We don’t know. It sounds completely like wishful thinking. Influenza epidemics in the past have occurred in the summer months. As this disease is a mutated flu, there is every chance the pandemic will continue in the summer months. Nobody knows if the summer heat will be enough to stop the spread of disease.

Can Alcohol Disinfect Surfaces From Coronavirus?

The normal drinkable alcohol is not enough to disinfect surfaces. You would need spirit alcohol for that. On the hand, bleach and phenyl work wonders on cleaning surfaces of any infectious agents. Just remember to not drink these liquids. They will kill you.

Can Any Food or Drink Protect Me From COVID-19?

No. Do not waste you money on any kind of substance that someone tells you would protect you. There is no such thing. The only thing that seems to work is good safety procedures. That means no folk medicine or fruit or vegetable or meat or drink will work.

Is There a Cure?

Everyone is looking for one. There are no miracle cures, but several treatments which have stabilized patients in critical conditions. That has allowed the patients’ bodies to fight off the disease. Antiviral medication has had some success, specially anti HIV medication, which was a bit of a surprise. Doctors in China have also administered the anti-malarial drug chloroquine to some success.

However, a comprehensive treatment plan is still being worked on. Any definitive results will be months away. A vaccine for the disease is slated for 18 months to clear safety testing.

So no, there is no cure yet.


Do not believe anything that’s trending in social media. Look for official sources first. They are the ones with the most accurate information. As of today there are very few confirmed cases of COVID-19 in India and all are under quarantine.

As seen above there are a lot of rumours floating about this disease that are causing panic. We have set to rest many of these rumours. If you have any questions regarding these or if you have more rumours to bust, contact us on Facebook and Instagram at OdishaLifestyle.

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