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Cyclone Fani

Nature’s Fury: Cyclone Fani

We’re a little bit late on getting this one out. The plan was to release this post just after the cyclone but the power loss meant we could not do that. And we managed to get an old stalled project running once more. So here we are, quite late to the party but still on. There is one more video we’re working on, about the aftermath of the devastation. We’ll release that one pretty soon. Thank you for watching and please keep liking our social media posts. It helps us know the interests of the people and encourages us to keep working on the blog.

Before the storm

We managed to get to Puri beach the day before the storm hit.

Inside the cyclone

This is some of the footage we captured during the cyclone when it crossed Bhubaneshwar.

As mentioned before, we’re working on the aftermath video. We have had the footage for quite some time but the other project forced us to press the pause button on the blog. Now that we have some free time again we’ve started on the blog again. What the project is will have to wait till its unveiled, which will be soon. Be seeing you.

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