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omelette sandwich

Omelette Sandwich: My Efforts to Replicate a Instagram Recipe

With lockdown projected to extend beyond the 3rd of May, I have been looking around for inspiration for breakfast food. It was in this search that I found this recipe. It is pretty straighforward in that it only needs two eggs, a pinch of salt and two slices of bread.

You only have to plop two bread slices on top of a cooking omelette. The complication arises in the execution. As I have made this multiple times, I have come across the major problems that you will face when making it.

  • Keeping the heat high. It ensures that the omelette cooks quickly but gives the cook far less time to actually flip it. It is actually better to keep the flame high to heat up the pan and immediately lower it to medium when the eggs touch the pan.
  • Keep everything ready. It will not take long for the eggs to set, so keep the bread slices near you. As soon as the omelette starts to set, while it is still wet, put the slices on.
  • Don’t forget to grease the pan. Whether you are using a non-stick pan or not, greasing the pan makes it a lot easier to flip the omelette. I made the mistake of not oiling the pan before making the recipe once. The omelette was not easy to dislodge from the pan, even if it was non-stick.
  • Be careful while flipping the omelette. As it is heavy, it will break under its own weight if not supported from below. So, make sure that the spatula you are using is under the brad slices and use your fingers to support from above.


  1. Whisk two eggs with a pinch of salt
  2. Heat non-stick pan to high and gease with a few drops of oil
  3. Pour the eggs on the pan and reduce heat to medium
  4. Immediately place the two slices of brad side by side on top of the uncooked omelette
  5. Let the omelette cook till the underside is done and then flip it to toast the bread
  6. Fold the free sides of the omelette inwards and the fold the omelette itself so that the toasted side faces outwards.
  7. Remove from pan and enjoy.

The key step here is the folding part. If you get it right then all is well. It is not hard to do and introduces a new variety in something that is a common breakfast item. There are tons of YouTube videos showing how to make it if you are interested. I only posted about this because it was something I had not done before.

I hope you all are keeping safe during this pandemic and we’ll soon go back to regular schedules soon.

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